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About us

Thanks for visiting and thank for taking a look at this page.  Statistics show that the “About Us” page, or it’s equivalent is the most frequently accessed page on any website, so we wanted to take the time to give you some good information on what we are doing here.

My wife and I run an informal dog rescue, meaning it’s fully self funded, there’s no official business behind it, and we end up keeping far more dogs than we re-home.  We’re quite good at rescuing, not so good at getting rid of any of them.  This leads us to having a lot of dogs.  The most we’ve had to date is 22, as of the time of this writing we are at 7.  These dogs have ranged in size from a 120 pound Black Lab (named Hercules, of course) to a small Dachshund, with all manner of breed in between to include a Rottweiler, several Pit Bulls, a couple of Boxers and a few we just don’t know what they are.  We have land and the resources to do this so enjoy it immensely.

As a result of doing this for the past 15 years or so, we’ve learned a lot about dogs, had some great times as well as terrible heartbreaks and we realize these days that we have a lot of knowledge that other folks might find useful.  The intent of this website is to do exactly that – help other folks take the very best care of their four legged friends and to do everything possible to ensure they can spend as much quality time with them as possible.

It’s interesting to note, as I’m writing this, Rocket, one of our Pit Bulls, is laying right next to me, snoring loudly.  Here she is:


So what are we all about here at Animal Awareness?  Take a look at the picture of Rocket and you see a healthy, happy dog who would have otherwise ended up dead alongside a road or euthanized in a pound somewhere.  Instead she’s running with a pack she loves, eating food she loves and playing with her favorite toys.  This is what we are all about…plain and simple.

You’ll see product reviews on some pages, recommendations of products that we have found useful and safe over the years.  I’d like to say up front that many of these are affiliate links that we will make a small bit of money from should you choose to purchase.  It only makes sense that we do this but I also want to stress that we aren’t doing this only for that reason – we truly believe in the products and have had great success with them or we would not be recommending them.

We’d love to hear your stories as well – more than happy to post them on this page as we believe most dog owners have a good story that others can learn from.  If you have a story like this, please share it by sending it to [email protected]


…and one last note, Rusty must have realized I put Rocket’s name out there as he has now climbed up on the couch and is sleeping in his favorite place…freshly laundered towels.  Rocket and Rusty are two brother/sister pitties we rescued about 7 years ago now and are absolute best friends.