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Pit Bull blogs and information – state by state

We love all our dogs but our Pit Bulls are probably the nearest and dearest to our hearts.  Couple this with the disadvantage they have when it comes to being rescued due to reputation and we felt a state by state Pit Bull rescue break down was a worthwhile effort.  So no matter where you are, here are some resources for you.  We’ll share not only Pit Bull rescues but also information about how your state views Pit Bulls and other so called dangerous dogs. We are also focusing on websites that have a healthy blog and offer unique information. It’s easy to Google “Pit Bull Rescue” and find 10,000 sites in your local town that all share pretty much the same information so our approach was to scour the state specific sites that offer information you typically don’t see elsewhere.

The information you see below was aggregated with the intent of providing specifically Pit Bull rescue information but the lines tend to blur a good bit in that although there are many “Pit Bull only” places, there are just as many very solid places that rescue multiple types of animals so you’ll see a mixture of both.  We’ve tried to highlight the ones that deal with Pit Bulls only or as a main focus.

You’ll see a lot of references to “BSL”, which is Breed Specific Legislation. These are the ordinances across many states that ban specific dog breeds that they deem dangerous. The most common dogs affected are, of course Pit Bulls but also Rottweilers, Presa Canarios, Mastiffs, American Bulldogs, and Doberman Pinschers.  There are often others, to be sure, but these are the ones you’ll usually see. As an interesting side note, during my time on this earth I’ve owned about 10 Pit Bulls, one Rottie, and two Doberman Pinschers. Every one of them were as sweet as can be and I’d own them again in a heartbeat.

Lastly, I’m writing this paragraph after having researched and updated the information below and want to say that it is heartwarming and encouraging to see all of the love shown in the sites below, not just for pitties but for all animals.  This effort was rewarding in and of itself as I found myself spending probably way more time reading through these sites than I had expected.  It’s easy to get drawn in when such wonderful stories are being told about dogs like Tyson and Sal and the many others you can find on the sites below.